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2014 Press

The Oregonian: Feast Portland 2014: Big moves and bigger events at the third-annual food fest
Back for a third year, Feast Portland, the Northwest’s four-day, premier culinary celebration, will up the ante with new events and even more chefs from around the country at its 2014 festival.
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Eater National: Feast Portland Announces 2014 Schedule and Chef Lineup
Heading into its third year, Feast Portland — officially Bon Appétit Presents: Feast Portland: A Celebration of Oregon Bounty — has announced its schedule, and it’s packed with an enormous amount of chefs from across the country.
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Eater PDX: Behold the Complete Chef Lineup for Feast Portland 2014
The slow march to Feast Portland 2014 starts right now: Festival organizers Mike Thelin and Carrie Welch have revealed the complete(ish) chef and event lineup for this year’s belt-loosing installment, scheduled for September 18 to 21, 2014.
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FLIPKEY by Tripadvisor: Top Food & Wine Festivals for 2014
Feast Portland is the top food and drink festival in the Pacific Northwest. Feast Portland exhibits local Oregon culinary talent and ingredients, alongside nationally recognized chefs and industry leaders during a four-day celebration.
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Yahoo! News: Gels, Foams, Spheres: Modernism Comes To Portland
Jason French of the Ned Ludd restaurant serves shrimp and watercress tea sandwiches during the Feast Portland food festival in Portland, Ore. Far from the expectant gaze of major restaurant critics and the accompanying pressure to produce the Next Big Thing, the little-big city of Portland offers chefs a unique opportunity – the chance to experiment.
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Portland Business Journal: 40 Under 40: Bolted Services and Feast Portland’s Mike Thelin
Mike Thelin typically shines in the early fall, when the excellent Feast Portland gathering, which he co-created, takes place. This year, the principal of Bolted Services should enjoy his February thanks to his 40 Under 40 designation. Thelin’s group creates and revives large national-scale food festivals, food events, food industry conferences and food-related marketing initiatives.
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Food Republic: Yes, It’s True: Good Wine Is Now Sold In Cans
Wine snobs who wouldn’t be caught dead within a city block of boxed vino might really go berserk over this one: wine in a can. On the other hand, those seeking fuss-free more portable drinking options may just love the idea…. In other words, the can is the only new factor in the equation. Of course there’s the issue of how the metallic vessels might affect the wine’s flavor profile. However, that didn’t seem to raise any concerns with early tasters at Portland Feast last year, where the cans made a trial-run debut.
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2013 Press

Eater: Feast Portland Announces Schedule For 2013
Heading into its second year, Feast Portland — officially Bon Appétit Presents: Feast Portland: A Celebration of Oregon Bounty — has announced its schedule, and it’s packed with an enormous amount of chefs from across the country. Locally, the lineup includes Gregory Gourdet (Departure), Naomi Pomeroy (Beast), Andy Ricker (Pok Pok), Gabriel Rucker (Le Pigeon), Adam Sappington (The Country Cat), and more.
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The Oregonian: Mission Chinese Food’s Danny Bowien Headlines Feast Portland’s 2013 Lineup
Organizers for Feast Portland, the Northwest’s ambitious culinary event, are gearing up for the festival’s second year with a few new events and an updated roster of visiting chefs.
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Fodor’s Travel: North America’s 15 Best Food Festivals
Feast Portland is done to such perfection you’d think one of the Pacific Coast’s biggest-catch food events was in its 30th year. Surprisingly, this year only marked the second anniversary for this eat-a-thon. Expect butcher face-offs, craft brew tastings, coffee sampling sessions, intimate meals, and grand events (like a Sandwich Invitational!) celebrating Oregon’s bounty.
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Oregonlive: Editorial sketchbook: Eating well to set other people’s tables
In its second year celebrating Portland’s new status as a nightly special on the national menu, Feast offered several events benefiting childhood hunger efforts, and panels discussing preschool nutrition as well as those matching microbrews with merlots. The stickers surfaced at upscale dinners featuring Portland’s most prominent chefs and Oregon’s most legendary wineries, at sold-out seminars on roasting your own coffee and do-it-yourself pig butchering.
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Fodor’s Travel: Just Back From: Feast Portland
It’s impossible to walk a mile in Portland without passing chock-a-block food carts and a mouthful of eateries. Case in point: as I stroll to the opening night of Feast Portland—the Pacific Northwest’s prime-cut foodie event, now in its second year—I almost stop 20 times to buy a bite from the congregation of carts lining the street.
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Serious Eats: We Eat All of the Sandwiches at Feast Portland’s Sandwich Invitational
Feast Portland kicked off its second year with bready bang last night at the Sandwich Invitational, which featured 15 chefs competing for sandwich glory (Tillamook Cheese, a sponsor, served up three sandwiches as well).
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Zagat: Feast Portland 2013 Photos: High Comfort
Feast Portland 2013 culminated with High Comfort, a retro chic-themed celebration of dining, high and low. Guests dressed to the nines, at the Nines Hotel, to eat highfalutin comfort food prepared by nearly two dozen chefs. Among the stand-outs of the carne-tastic event: Mom’s spaghetti with wild boar, sweetbread and pig trotter Bolognese via St. Jack’s Aaron Barnett; Andrew Carmellini’s The Dutch-inspired foie gras hot dog and Stephanie Izard’s goat chili.
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The Daily Meal: Best Bites From Feast Portland
Last weekend Portland, Ore., hosted Bon Appétit’s second annual Feast Portland, where local chefs mingled with national chefs and cooked up meals for the general public to enjoy. Glasses were broken, sandwiches devouredalmost all-nighters pulled (most likely on the chef side), and downtown Portland was turned into a food festival and pedi-cab-filled semi-tourist attraction for four days.
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2012 Press

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