2019 Doug Adams + Fermín Núñez + Karl Holl

Thursday, Sept 12th 6:30pm


See you in 2020!

Texas is comprised of vast and undefinable land shaped by waves of immigration and wide open spaces. The only state both once part of Mexico and once its own country, it’s no surprise that Texas’ culinary landscape is equally interesting. Enter the ethos of Bullard, Doug Adam’s Portland restaurant and love letter to Texas cuisine – from smoked meat to handmade flour tortillas. To celebrate the Lone Star state’s culinary chops, Adams welcomes Chef Fermín Núñez (Suerte, Austin) whose East Austin restaurant celebrates Mexican cuisine – from masa to mole – earning national accolades. Rising star Chef Karl Holl (Spatzle and Speck at Park Avenue Wines) will join this duo for an epic collaboration, with can’t-miss spirits pairings by Westward Whiskey.

All inclusive. Price covers food and drink. 21 and over only.

The Lineup