2018 Inside the World of Mezcal

Saturday, Sept 15th 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Director Park

$55 per ticket

See you September 2019!

Over the course of the past decade, the Mexican spirit known as mezcal has become a star of the spirits world. But what is mezcal, and what does it offer the curious drinker? This panel will explore mezcalā€™s story, digging into its distinctive history and its array of styles, while also looking at what the future may hold for this increasingly popular spirit. Participants will include: Penelope Bass (Imbibe, Portland), Erik Hakkinen (Back Bar Project, Seattle), Jon Lewis (Mezcal Los Javis, Oaxaca) and Diego Galicia (Mixtli, San Antonio)

All inclusive. Price covers food and drink. 21 and over only.

The Lineup