2018 Make Your Mixer

Saturday, Sept 15th 6:00pm - 8:00pm

The Meadow

$75 per ticket

See you September 2019!

Imagine making a cocktail that is more than just a stylish expression of tradition, it is a delicious distillation of your own life and your own tastes. Would it be a refreshing spritzer spiked with your own elderflower and Oregon cherry tonic, or a burly bourbon cocktail smoked up with a tincture of lapsang souchong, or a tall icy collins swirling with seasonal fresh herbs from your own backyard? The fundamentals of making cocktail mixers from your favorite flavors will be shared, along with how to use seasonal and fresh ingredients with spices and botanicals from around the world. It’s all fair game in the creation of syrups, tonics, and mixers that will enhance everything from boozy cocktails to alcohol-free sodas for the family. Led by our own bitter baron Mark Bitterman (The Meadow, Portland and NYC), this class will also feature two of Portland’s most accomplished and loved bitters makers – Cindy Capparelli, Owner and flavor maven of Portland Bitters Project and Dan McLaughlin, Co-Founder of Portland Soda Works.

All inclusive. Price covers food and drink. 21 and over only.

The Lineup