2018 Peter Cho + Angie Mar

Friday, Sept 14th 6:30pm

The Nightwood Society

$195 per ticket

See you September 2019!

Chef Angie Mar (The Beatrice Inn, NYC) is making the world a more beautiful place one meticulously aged steak at a time while Chef Peter Cho’s (Han Oak, Portland) familial and home-cooked intimacy brings a warm vibe rarely found in a restaurant environment. This duo, who originally cooked together in the Big Apple, will reunite at Feast to recreate the classic Beefsteak – a New York-born tradition marked by the frenzied consumption of steak and booze – where diners ate with their fingers and drank with abandon. Peter and Angie’s version marries the sterling silver trays of specially aged beef from The Beatrice Inn and Han Oak’s signature Korean stylings as these chefs bring us a modern take on a classic.

All inclusive. Price covers food and drink. 21 and over only.

The Lineup