2018 The Art of the Session Cocktail

Friday, Sept 14th 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Director Park

$55 per ticket

See you September 2019!

Potent cocktails like Martinis and Old Fashioneds are powerful sprinters, but for afternoons or evenings built around entertaining, you need drinks that are made for marathons. This panel will talk about (and taste!) drinks designed for the long run, from lower-alcohol sippers to fizzes and punches that serve up powerful flavor without overpowering your guests. Participants will include: Paul Clarke (Imbibe, Portland), Jim Meehan (Mixography Inc., Portland), Charlotte Voisey (William Grant & Sons), and Daniel Shoemaker (Teardrop Lounge, Portland).

All inclusive. Price covers food and drink. 21 and over only.

The Lineup