The Big Feast Presented By New Seasons Market: Sunday

Sunday, Sept 15th 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Tom McCall Waterfront Park

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Feast’s popular Grand Tasting just got even grander – so grand, in fact, that we gave it a new name and moved it to Tom McCall Waterfront Park. (Is “Big” bigger than “Grand?” Yes, trust us on that.) The Big Feast is everything you loved about the Grand Tasting and a whole lot more: more amazing flavors to explore. More fine wines from the Northwest and around the globe. More artisans—from cheesemakers and chocolatiers to bakers and brewers. Cocktails, panel discussions and a live podcast lounge? Sure! There’s more to see, do, sip and sink your teeth into. It’s a Big Feast for your eyes, too, plopped down in the quintessential Portland location – with the Willamette River and snow-capped peaks in one direction and Portland’s photogenic skyline in the other. It’s gonna be Big, we say. Big with a capital B.

All inclusive. Price covers food and drink. 21 and over only.

The Lineup