2019 Troy MacLarty + Sarah Minnick + David Tanis

Thursday, Sept 12th 6:30pm

Churchgate Station

See you in 2020!

This dinner tells the story of a culinary intersection of three chefs where talent, mentorship and a deep respect for seasonal cooking meet. David Tanis, the legendary chef of Chez Panisse turned celebrated cookbook author, hired Chef Troy MacLarty (Bollywood Theater and Churchgate Station) at Chez Panisse. After Troy’s journey then brought him to Portland to work at Ripe, he landed at Lovely Hula Hands (a precursor to Lovely’s Fifty Fifty), working for Chef Sarah Minnick. And, you guessed it, Lovely Hula Hands was inspired by Chez Panisse focusing on seasonal ingredients grown by local farmers. All three chefs bring the close relationships with local farmers and producers of vegetables, cheese and meat that will provide the foundation for a dinner ready to truly come full circle. Wines from Elizabeth Chambers Cellar.

All inclusive. Price covers food and drink. 21 and over only.

The Lineup