1. Heather Arndt Anderson

    Heather Arndt Anderson

    (Portland, OR)

    Heather Arndt Anderson is an award-winning food writer, culinary historian, and botanist based in Portland, Oregon. Her work has been quoted in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and The Atlantic, and she’s appeared on the podcasts The Splendid Table and The Four Top. Heather is the author of four single-subject books of culinary history, including Berries: A Global History and Portland: A Food Biography. She also runs recipe tests and teaches cooking classes from her historic farmhouse kitchen.

  2. John Becker

    John Becker

    The Joy of Cooking (Portland, OR)

    John Becker grew up surrounded by the natural and gastronomic splendor of the Pacific Northwest. Spending his childhood between Portland, Oregon and Cincinnati, John learned to appreciate a range of approaches to cooking. His father taught him the art of improvisation in the kitchen, and his mother instilled in him open-mindedness and a love of bold flavors and spice. After earning a degree obsessing over the writings of Irish Modernist James Joyce, John helped publish seventeen collections of literary essays. John has now turned exclusively to matters culinary, ensuring that Joy will continue to meet the high standards expected by its readership. John currently lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, Megan, and their two cats, Loki and Kishu.

  3. Sebastian Cisneros

    Sebastian Cisneros

    Cloudforest Chocolate (Portland, OR)

    Cloudforest is a Portland-based company dedicated to the craft and culture of fine chocolate. Founded in 2009 by Ecuadorian-born Sebastian Cisneros, Cloudforest marries raw materials and culinary influence from the regions where cacao grows and the Pacific Northwest. Cloudforest’s approach to chocolate making is multidimensional, it pivots on the cultivation of fine cacao and translates its potential to novel expressions of chocolate. Cloudforest has garnered a devoted local following, and nation-wide recognition for their unique style of making chocolate.

  4. Elliott Clark

    Elliott Clark

    Apartment Bartender (Denver, CO)

    Elliott Clark is the founder and creative director of Apartment Bartender, a digital content agency that specializes in the hospitality and lifestyle industry, with an emphasis on spirits and cocktails. Elliott is also the Co-Founder of Earn Your Booze, an event and apparel company focused on bridging the gap between fitness and drink culture.

  5. Paul Clarke

    Paul Clarke

    Imbibe (Portland, OR)

    Paul Clarke is the Executive Editor of Imbibe magazine and the author of The Cocktail Chronicles. He considers coffee, rum and wine essential parts of a liquid diet. He lives in Seattle.

  6. Jason Horn

    Jason Horn

    (Los Angeles, CA)

    Jason Horn has been writing about food, drinks and travel for more than a decade, for publications including Playboy, Robb Report, PUNCH, Travel Channel, Thrillist, The Daily Beast and Garden & Gun. He was previously on staff at Cooking Light and Liquor.com, and holds a master’s degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. A resident of Los Angeles, he’s been covering cannabis since it became legal for recreational use in California in 2018, though his mom’s been telling him the story of how she wrote a paper on legalizing pot in her freshman-year college rhetoric class since he was a kid.

  7. Emily Elyse Miller

    Emily Elyse Miller

    Breakfast: The Cookbook (New York, NY)

    Emily Elyse Miller is an internationally renowned authority on breakfast. Through her BreakfastClub series she’s hosted 40 plus events in over a dozen cities around the globe. Fine dining chefs opened their restaurants in the morning to prepare a one-time-only breakfast for Emily’s network of lauded artists, editors, and influencers, inspiring creative conversation. In May 2019, Phaidon published Emily’s first cookbook, Breakfast: The Cookbook, featuring 380 traditional breakfast recipes from 80 countries. Emily researched, developed, and tested these recipes over three years of traveling and talking to people about morning routines and what they eat for breakfast, all while hosting breakfast tours in Manhattan’s Lower East Side and writing global food trend reports.

  8. Emily Mistell

    Emily Mistell

    Hey Love (Portland, OR)

    Emily Mistell, an internationally recognized and award-winning bartender and owner of Hey Love, brings an unparalleled level of expertise to the Portland beverage world. With more than a decade of hustle in curating experiences in the social scene. Emily’s work as bar manager at Portland’s Rum Club helped earn it the Esquire magazine accolade of “One of the Best Bars in America.”

  9. Eric Nelson

    Eric Nelson

    eem (Portland, OR)

    A veteran in the Portland bartending scene, Eric has worked or consulted at a number of top bar programs including Laurelhurst Market, Expatriate, Pok Pok, Jacqueline, Langbaan and Suttle Lodge & Boathouse. He is co-owner of eem, a Thai/BBQ cocktail joint. Eric’s cocktails have been featured in several publications and he is well known for his creative takes on Spirit-Free drinks as well as unique and groundbreaking cocktails he has designed from scratch.

  10. Jeremy Plumb

    Jeremy Plumb

    Pruf Cultivar (Portland, OR)

    Jeremy combines decades of cannabis horticulture experience with cutting-edge technology to deliver previously unattainable consistency in both product quality and consumer effect. He has consulted with researchers, advised members of the US Congress, served on the OLCC’s rule-making advisory committee, co-founded Cultivation Classic, sits on the board of Cannabis Cares, and co-founded Farma; his involvement in cannabis advancement spans over years of experience. He is now the Director of Production Science at Pruf Cultivar.

  11. Todd Roll

    Todd Roll

    Pedal Bike Tours (Portland, OR)

    Todd Roll believes biking is the best way to experience a city – especially Portland. His desire to make biking accessible to all spawned his sightseeing company, Pedal Bike Tours, as well as his book, Pedal Portland: 25 Easy Rides To Explore The City (Timber Press). With a business motto that “no spandex is required,” and city tours like the Donuts of Portland, Pedal aims to get people of all ages and fitness levels out to explore the most bike friendly large city in America. Pedal was awarded the 2016 Portland Award by Travel Portland for overall contribution to the promotion of Portland and Oregon’s visitor industry.

  12. Prairie Rose

    Prairie Rose

    Bit By A Fox (Los Angeles, CA)

    Founder & Editor of Bit by a Fox – Saveur magazine’s Readers’ Choice Best Cocktail Blog in 2014, Prairie Rose is an LA-based drinks writer, trained sommelier, events producer, and podcast host.

  13. Emily Rosenberg

    Emily Rosenberg

    Stumptown Coffee Roasters (Brooklyn, NY)

    Emily Rosenberg, based in Brooklyn, NY, is the Senior Curriculum and Education Manager at Stumptown Coffee Roasters. She was on the path to becoming a professor of French Cultural Studies when the coffee industry flipped her plans upside down. For over a decade, she’s been on a journey that has combined her love for education with her passion for coffee. When she’s not teaching baristas to brew the perfect cup, Emily enjoys cooking and baking and visiting museums around the city.

  14. Megan Scott

    Megan Scott

    The Joy of Cooking (Portland, OR)

    Megan Scott is the newest member of the Joy clan. She has worked for the cookbook since 2010, when she and John met and immediately bonded over a shared love of blue cheese and Cheddar biscuits. Megan’s culinary education began in the South, where she learned to cook from a long line of matriarchs. She grew up in a farming family, shucking corn and snapping green beans for as far back as she can remember. She has been a cheesemaker’s apprentice, a baker, and an assistant pastry chef, and in addition to her work for Joy she is the culinary director of a creative culinary agency in Portland, Oregon.

  15. Abe Stevens

    Abe Stevens

    Humboldt Distillery (Fortuna, CA)

    Abe Stevens is the Founder and Head Distiller of Humboldt Distillery, a certified organic distillery located in Humboldt County, California. Abe has degrees in chemistry and biochemistry from the University of Chicago, with previous careers as a pharmaceutical chemist and professional poker player.  Humboldt Distillery’s products include their best selling Organic Vodka and Humboldt’s Finest, their hemp-infused vodka that recently won a double-gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

  16. Sean P. Sullivan

    Sean P. Sullivan

    Wine Enthusiast (Seattle, Washington)

    Sean P. Sullivan is a contributing editor to Wine Enthusiast magazine covering Washington and Idaho. He is also the founder of Washington Wine Report, an online publication dedicated to the wines and wineries of the Pacific Northwest. The site is a four-time finalist and two-time winner for ‘Best Single Subject Wine Blog’ from the Wine Blog Awards. A native of Massachusetts, Sullivan moved to Washington in 2000 to pursue a love of mountain climbing. Captivated by the area’s exploding wine scene, in 2005 he began writing wine reviews and distributing them via email before founding Washington Wine Reports as an on-line site in 2007. Sullivan has authored over 175 print articles and published more than 1,700 blog posts on Northwest wine. In addition to his work at Wine Enthusiast and Washington Wine Report, Sullivan is a regular contributor to Seattle Metropolitan and Washington Tasting Room. He resides in Seattle, Washington.


  17. Kyle Linden Webster

    Kyle Linden Webster

    Expatriate (Portland, OR)

    Kyle Linden Webster is an American bartender, designer, and restauranteur. While early interests and abilities seemed to indicate a life in journalism and the record business, Webster made a conscious break from such paths at the age of 27, immersing himself in the practice of hospitality, the study of wine, and the art of a balanced cocktail. His work has been featured in GQ, Imbibe, Bon Appétit, and Saveur. Webster opened Expatriate, his Portland, Oregon cocktail lounge with drinking snacks by Chef Naomi Pomeroy, in July of 2013. The recipient of much acclaim since, Expatriate has been featured in The New York Times, Food & Wine, Portland Monthly, Sip Northwest, USA Today, and on Esquire TV’s Best Bars in America. Bon Appétit named Expatriate one of the 50 Best New Restaurants in the country in 2014. Having celebrated its fifth anniversary in the summer of 2018, Expatriate was a James Beard Semifinalist for Outstanding Bar Program in the United States in 2019.